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Investment Service Center


Wuqing Development Zone is a joint administrative service center set up by Wuqing Development Zone to improve the investment environment,create a superior investment and business environment,facilitate domestic and foreign investors,and improve the level of administration and efficiency in accordance with the law.

The investment service center can provide investors with all-round and efficient services in the whole process.The center aims to create a"one-stop"government environment of"openness,standardization,efficiency and integrity".The service center is responsible for handling administrative examination and approval,examination and approval,filing,certificate issuing,charging and other matters for domestic and foreign investors,integrating policy consultation,management coordination and complaint supervision,adopting effective and safe computer network office and management,equipped with advanced and perfect electronic supervision system for administrative examination and approval,and wholeheartedly providing convenience and efficiency for domestic and foreign investment enterprises(masses)High quality administrative services.

Our service principles are:

1.The principle of openness and transparency:all approval matters for investors shall be disclosed in the prominent position of the center office and in other ways according to law.

2.The principle of truth and justice:the open content is true and legal,the result of handling is fair,and the administration is carried out according to law.

3.The principle of high efficiency and convenience:from the reality,simplify the approval process,simplify the approval procedures,shorten the approval time limit,and improve the approval efficiency.

4.Principle of unified coordination:one center,one window,comprehensive one meter system and one-stop operation.

5.The principle of integrity and self-discipline:strengthen the supervision mechanism,establish various systems,manage people with systems,and promote the in-depth development of the construction of a clean government from the system.


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