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Sending Policies to the Door, Sending Services to the Enterprise | Wuqing Development Zone Conducts in-depth Enterprise Visits and Services

   On February 21,Wuqing Development Zone,in conjunction with the Wuqing District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau,visited enterprises such as Florentia Village,Creativo,V1 Auto World,Wanda Plaza,Meipinhui,and Fengzihuachuan to conduct visits and services.

  During the event,the visiting team explained in detail the relevant subsidy policies for employment,skills training,employment internships,and self-employment,and answered questions from business leaders on issues such as identifying underprivileged groups and preventing employment risks.
  "The purpose of this visit is to gain a deeper understanding of the development needs of enterprises,accurately promote policies that benefit the people and enterprises,fully unleash the effectiveness of policies,and promote faster and better development of enterprises.Next,we will continue to conduct visits to enterprises,to maximize the use of relevant policies by enterprises.In addition,in terms of ensuring enterprise employment,we will regularly organize a combined online and offline job fair,and will hold a job fair for hundreds of enterprises,to provide a communication platform for enterprises and job seekers,further helping enterprises to maintain stable employment and providing strong human resource development power for enterprise and park development,"said the relevant official of Wuqing Development Zone.


Release Time:2023-02-23 11:04:47