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Wuqing Development Zone strives to create a new picture of high-quality development!

   Wuqing Development Zone strives to create a new picture of high-quality development!

  On the afternoon of February 13th,Wuqing Development Zone held a high-quality development work conference to comprehensively study and deploy the work of two major categories,44 major projects,and 95 sub projects of this year,further improving the station position,gathering consensus,and planning a tone and mobilizing energy for various work in the park.All members of the leadership of Wuqing Development Zone,as well as leaders of various departments and holding companies,attended the meeting.
  The meeting emphasized that 2023 is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,and it is also an important year to accelerate the construction of an"open,collaborative,innovative hub,low-carbon,smart,and happy city".Seize the opportunity,keep your spirits up,grab speed,and take the lead!We should focus on the target,complement weaknesses,and focus on the key points,working in one direction to the end!We need to emphasize politics,innovate bravely,take responsibility,and focus on implementation consistently!
  2023 Grasp the main tone and boost development confidence
  Guided by the idea of socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era of Xi Jinping,deeply study and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,the Central Economic Work Conference,and the 12th CPC Municipal Congress.In accordance with the overall requirements of the"3+1+1"work idea of the district committee,seize the strategic opportunities for coordinated development of Beijing,Tianjin,and Hebei,firmly adhere to the general tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability,implement the"first task"and"first priority"of economic development,strive to be the first,and work hard to achieve practical results,Strive to create a new situation in the construction of"an open collaborative innovation hub,a low-carbon smart and happy city".
  Focus on the main battlefield to achieve the development blueprint
  First battlefield:Attracting Investment
  Innovate investment promotion methods,press the"Fast Forward"button,run out of the"acceleration",implement the"chain length system"for investment promotion,and continuously improve the industrial chain and industrial ecology around the leading industrial fields.
  Second battlefield:Technological Innovation
  Deeply implement the innovation capability improvement project,accelerate the cultivation of innovation entities,accelerate the construction of innovation carriers,increase scientific and technological support,promote the integration and development of innovation factors,and strive to create a highland for innovation and entrepreneurship.
  The Third Battlefield:Highlights Project
  Focusing on the"3+1+1"work idea of the district committee,creating three major highlight projects.First,promote the construction of the Beijing Tianjin Industrial New City Demonstration Zone.Focusing on the construction of TBEA Smart Industrial Park,creating a demonstration area for the Beijing-Tianjin Industrial New City,aim at the development direction of the Beijing-Tianjin Industrial New City,introduce a number of high-quality projects such as headquarters,research and development,and achievement transformation,and strive to become the main force for high-quality development of the Beijing-Tianjin Industrial New City.Second,accelerate the improvement of the construction level of international consumption center cities.Centering on Florence Town,develop the economy of"first brand,first store,first launch,and first show",build new IP brand consumption scenarios,constantly enrich the consumption formats in Florence Town's business district,and strive to create a"new business district"with the theme of high-end consumption and car culture experience.Third,accelerate the construction of intelligent rail transit industrial parks.Led by two leading enterprises,the Academy of Railway Sciences and Traffic Control Technology,accelerate the gathering of upstream and downstream enterprises,rely on the"one academy and one alliance"to enhance the core competitiveness of the industry through talent introduction and technological innovation,and deeply implement the annual doubling plan for the scale of the rail transit industry.
  Raise the main melody and gather the development force
  Adhere to the political construction of the Party as the guide,with the goal of"strong party building and development",and the working idea of"four integrations"of party building and implementation responsibilities,integration with park services,integration with team building,and integration with enterprise development.Remember the eight character regional motto of"honesty,trustworthiness,pragmatism,and progress",strictly implement the main responsibility of comprehensively and strictly managing the party,continuously strengthen the construction of the party's style,and strive to create a strong style of work,strong skills A hard core team capable of fighting and daring to take on responsibilities has formed a strong joint force of undertaking and taking on responsibilities,and has delivered a high-quality"new answer sheet"for development through practical actions.


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