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Wuqing Development Area: A good start of the first quarter with the momentum of a sprint

   Wuqing Development Area:

  A good start of the first quarter with the momentum of a sprint
  In January,Wuqing Development Area completed general budget revenue of 248 million yuan,an increase of 27%on year-on-year basis;tax revenue of 880 million yuan,an increase of 29%on year-on-year basis,showing the new state of"starting the year on the run"and the new practice of"start and sprint".
  High-quality projects have been settled one by one,enterprises that put into operation have been busy…With carrying out the spirit of“fighting”,keeping the strength of“doing”and adhering the style of“real”,"Ten Actions"of municipal party committee and municipal government and"3+1+1"working ideas of district party committee can be promoted and take effect,so to have a good start for the first quarter and the new states for the whole year.
  Seize the opportunities to attract investment.
  The development momentum of the Area is strong.
  On February 3rd,Wuqing Development Area participated in the first activity of Tianjin-Wuqing national investment promotion and key projects signing series activities in Beijing,titled with“Win-win with wonderfulness of Tianjin and come to Wuqing with sincerity”.Five projects were signed on site,including Sinopharm Traditional Chinese Medicine Co.,Ltd.,Coyote Bioscience Co.,Ltd.,Tianjin Yingda Kexun Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd.,Beijing Safeda Technology Co.,Ltd,and KMD Bioscience Co.,Ltd.,playing the"spring tune"of the investment.
  In the new year,Wuqing Development Area continues to innovate the way of attracting investment,make the investment"chain leader system",focus on the leading industrial fields,continue to improve the industrial chain and industrial ecology,take the"chain master enterprises"as the leader,take the industrial research institute and industrial alliance as the backing,promote The Area will continue to improve the industrial chain and industrial ecology,take the lead of"chain master enterprises"and promote the integration of upstream and downstream enterprises,research institutes,service platforms and other resources in the industrial chain,further extend the industrial chain,enhance the value chain,and integrate the supply chain,so as to boost the high-quality economic development with high-quality investment.Up to now,the Area has introduced 16 high-quality projects.
  At the same time,Wuqing Development Area is working hard to build a rail transit industrial park,to build up energy for sustaining high-quality development of Wuqing District."We take the two leading enterprises,Tianjin Intelligent Rail Transportation Research Institute and Traffic Control Technology Cooperation as a double-strong leader to promote the upstream and downstream enterprises to accelerate the gathering,while we also have'an institute and an alliance'to promote the core competitiveness of the industry through talent attraction and cultivation,technological innovation,and in-depth implementation annual multiplication plan of the rail transit industry scale,so to have a good opening in 2023",introduced by responsible comrades of rail transit investment and promotion center of Wuqing Development Area.
  Be busy with production.
  Great confidence with the development of enterprises.
  Assembly,welding,testing, Danfoss(Tianjin)Co.,Ltd.located in Wuqing Development Area,the refrigeration valve production line is running at full capacity.After a refrigeration valve came off the line,it was moved in batches onto logistics trucks and distributed to logistics distribution centers to be sent around the world.
  Danfoss is one of the industrial groups in Denmark,mainly producing heating,cooling and transmission equipment."At present,the four main production lines of the Tianjin plant are running 24 hours a day,and the order volume has increased significantly compared with the same period last year.In addition,the group invested nearly 200 million yuan in the global refrigeration research and testing center will be put into operation in March.This is currently the largest Research and Development center of Danfoss,which is also in the leading position in the global refrigeration industry.After the center is put into operation,it will have an important impact on Danfoss'global R&D and production layout as well as the green development of the refrigeration industry."said by Dai Key,General Manager of Danfoss(Tianjin)Co.,Ltd.and Senior Director of Danfoss Global Services China.
  In the production plant of Tianjin Yili Dairy Co.,Ltd.,located in Wuqing Development Area,the production lines are running efficiently and various dairy products are coming out.According to the person in charge of the company,the overall consumer market rebound this year,which welcomed a production peak on the few days beforer Spring Festival for Yili dairy products.Even on Chinese New Year's Eve,some of the staff were retained on duty to guarantee continuous production with full power.Compared to the average monthly order quantity in the fourth quarter of 2022,this year's market demand growth is very obvious.Both production and sales is flourishing,which made the company's overall efficiency quite satisfactory,achieving a good start of the first month.
  Huang Jianjun,the person in charge of Tianjin Yili Dairy Products Co,said:"Now the company's stockpile has reached 1.3 times as much as the usual amount,we will continue to do a good job of raw milk as well as reserves work of raw and auxiliary materials,so to lay a solid foundation to achieve the good start of the first quarter.”
  Optimized in service.
  Planting fertile ground for investment and prosperity.
  Adhered to the concept of"serving others is developing ourselves"Wuqing Development Area continues to polish the"golden signboard"of quality service,insists on the"first-inquiring responsibility system"and"time-bound completion system",aims to meet the needs of the project,and does a good job for the whole process,and"one-stop"service.
  Not long ago,after learning the urgent needs of the Area's commercial project V1 Auto World who needed to expand its land for the introduction of famous international automobile brand projects,the special project service team of Wuqing Development Area actively coordinated with functional departments and helped the enterprise solve its urgent needs in only two weeks.The Area help“attract investment through business”with efficient service,which acquire high praises by enterprises for their"good relationship with enterprises,full support,innovative service and commitment".
  In addition,in order to help enterprises solve the problem of labor difficulties,on February 3rd,a large special job fair was held by Wuqing Development Area in Tianjin Wuqing Fuyuan Wanda Plaza."This job fair is the largest one in the park at present,with more than 70 enterprises setting up tables on site,providing more than 1,800 jobs of all kinds and attracting more than 2,400 people from the district to consult.At the same time,in order to broaden the recruitment channels,the Area synchronously carried out'recruitment on livestream',which made the total number of viewers exceed 160,000,breaking the time and space restrictions,and help enterprises to accurately match talents,so to achieve a good start of'employment'",introduced by the comrade in charge of the Human Resources Department of Wuqing Development Area.
  The year 2023 is the opening year of the comprehensive implementation of the spirit of the 20th Party Congress.The opening is about the whole situation,and the start determines the future.Wuqing Development Area has been blowing the development rallying horn,striving to be the main force of high-quality development of Beijing-Tianjin new industry town,grasping the major strategic opportunities of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei cooperative development,building a high-end platform for science and innovation,grasping industrial development,building a"double-high leading"industrial pattern of intelligent technology and biological manufacturing,and striving to create a new miracle in the"track"of high-quality development.We will strive to create new miracles on the"track"of high-quality development!


Release Time:2023-02-10 11:02:06