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[Live Report] A New Year with New Atmosphere A Good Start for Employment!

   On the afternoon of February 3rd,2023,the third large-scale job fair in Wuqing Development Zone was held at the Wanda Plaza,Wuqing,Tianjin.Over 70 companies,including COFCO Packaging and Pu Guang Pharmaceutical,set up booths on-site,offering more than 1,800 positions of various types.The event attracted over 2,400 people in the area to come and consult.In addition to employment guidance and job recommendations,this event created 5 new consultation desks compared to the previous two job fairs:a legal consultation desk,a career planning consultation desk,a human resources association service consultation desk,a skill-training consultation desk,and a labor service consultation desk,providing comprehensive services for job seekers.

  To expand the recruitment channels,the park carried out"live broadcasting with job positions"simultaneously online and offline on the Douyin and Kuaishou platforms.The total number of views exceeded 160,000,breaking the restrictions of time and space.People can clearly understand information such as enterprise situations,enterprise culture,and job requirements without leaving their homes.If they are interested in a position,they can scan the QR code and submit their resumes,making employment"accessible by touching screen."
  This job fair received unanimous praise from companies and job seekers.Next,Wuqing Development Zone plans to hold the"Tongwulang"job fair and the"Hundred Enterprises Recruitment"event.Through innovative and diversified activities,it will accurately match talents with enterprises and add new impetus to the high-quality development of the park.


Release Time:2023-02-05 11:01:25