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[Focus on UDA] New situation in the New Year! Come see the Wuqing Development Area in January!

   Focus on UDA

  ★Wuqing Development Zone in January★
  In January,Wuqing Development Zone kicked off the new year with a strong momentum of development and a good start.
  Park News
  On January 1,a short documentary film of Wuqing Development Zone 2022 was released to show the full-year work achievements of the zone around party construction,economic development,investment attraction,science and technology innovation,industrial ecology,business environment,etc.
  At the beginning of the new year,Wuqing Development Zone has been working hard and pressing forward to accelerate the construction of key projects.
  Chinese New Year Special
  On the occasion of the New Year Festival,the Party Committee of Wuqing Development Zone and the Federation of Trade Unions of Wuqing Development Zone organized a series of activities to visit and express sympathy and solicitude.Good wishes for the New Year were sent to party members in difficulty,people in difficulty in the pared assisting village,officials on the resident working teams,officials aiding Gansu,model workers,workers in difficulty,front-line workers in production,workers in new employment forms,workers who stick to their posts during the Spring Festival,and winners of the honorary titles of"Good People of Tianjin"and"Good People of Wuqing"
  On January 21(Chinese New Year's Eve),Wuqing Development Zone released a New Year greeting video[Receive blessings!Wuqing Development Zone wishes you a happy Chinese New Year and an auspicious Year of the Rabbit!]to extend the best wishes for the New Year to people from all walks of life who have been concerned about and supported the construction and development of the park.
  On January 21(Chinese New Year's Eve),Wuqing Development Zone published a special report[sharing the"taste of home"in the perseverance],to pay tribute to every striver who sticks to their posts during the Spring Festival!
  Enterprise Style
  During the Spring Festival holiday,the key commercial tourism projects in Wuqing Development Zone received a total of 407,600 tourists,with a comprehensive income of more than 150 million yuan.
  V1 Auto World became a national 3A level tourist attraction.
  The self-developed technology by Huade Zhihui was selected as a national public institution's green low-carbon technology.
  During the New Year's Day holiday,the commercial projects in Wuqing Development Zone received more than 200,000 visitors and achieved comprehensive income of more than 100 million yuan,making a good start in 2023.
  Safety Production
  On January 16,the person in charge of safety production in Wuqing Development Zone carried out special supervision and inspection in the enterprises in the park,and made detailed deployment and requirements for the current safety production work at the end of the year.
  Party-Mass work
  On January 13,the Federation of Trade Unions of Wuqing Development Zone held the floral activity with the theme of"Celebrating the New Year in the name of flowers-creative hands to invite good fortune"to send holiday blessings to the workers in the park in advance.
  Civilized City Creation
  In January,the relevant departments of Wuqing Development Zone,together with the Tianjin Public Security Wuqing Branch Traffic Police Detachment Yangcun Brigade,concentrated on the long-term prevalent phenomenon of indiscriminate parking and disorderly vehicles on major roads such as Fuyuan Wanda Square and Quanzhou Road,further purified the road environment order in Wuqing Development Zone,and improved the level of urban management and the civilized image of the city,doing their best to create a national civilized city.


Release Time:2023-01-31 15:01:32