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Wuqing Development Zone takes multiple measures to promote the "Safety Production Month" activities


June this year is the 21st national"Safety Production Month".Based on the actual situation,Wuqing Development Zone established a"Safety Production Month"leading group to formulate the"2022 Safety Production Month Activity Plan",which closely focuses on the theme of"Obeying the safety production law and being the first responsible person",carefully deployed,carefully organized,innovated forms,and carried out the"safety production month"activities in depth.

Warning education


Organize more than 400 enterprises to watch the TV special film"Life is of paramount importance"through the"online+offline"method,study and implement the"Fifteen Measures for Safe Production",and effectively enhance the consciousness and initiative of enterprises to do a good job in safe production.

Publicity and guidance


Carry out the activity of"6.16 Safety Publicity and Consultation Day",distribute more than 120 publicity banners of"implementing the main responsibility",and more than 1,600 publicity manuals,posters,safety knowledge manuals,etc.,create a strong production safety atmosphere.

Special lecture


Invite safety experts to give lectures on production safety,explain in detail the relevant contents of the regulations on the main responsibility of production safety of Tianjin production and business units,and promote the person in charge of the enterprise to better learn,abide by and implement the"Safety Production Law".

Practical drill

Organize fire drills in Wanda Plaza to further improve employees'fire safety awareness and self-defense and self-rescue skills,enhance employees'ability to deal with emergencies in the face of fire,learn to use fire extinguishers correctly and master escape methods.

Supervision and check

Pay close attention to key enterprises and commercial places,supervise and inspect more than 180 key enterprises,focus on the implementation of the main responsibility for safety production,fire infrastructure and equipment,and the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures.Investigate potential safety hazards,implement various safety measures,strictly prevent accidents and build a strong line of defense.

Commend advanced


At the"Safety Production Month"work promotion meeting,10 advanced safety production units including Tianjin Chase Sun Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.,Tieke Zongheng(Tianjin)Technology Development Co.,Ltd.,and Danfoss(Tianjin)Co.,Ltd.were commended,which is created a good atmosphere of hard work and catching up with learning.


In the next step,Wuqing Development Zone will take this"Safe Production Month"activity as an opportunity to thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important expositions on safe production,strengthen the concept of"people first,life first",and firmly establish the concept of safe development.Continuously improve the safety management ability,lay a solid safety cornerstone for the high-quality development of the park,and welcome the victory of the 20th CPC National Congress with a more secure and stable development environment!


Release Time:2022-07-03 20:48:59