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Focus on the 12th Municipal Party Congress: Live Broadcast of the Opening Ceremony in UDA


The 12th CPC Tianjin Municipal Congress opened in Tianjin Auditorium at 9 am on June 16.UDA(Wuqing Development Area)organized all party members and cadres to watch the live broadcast of the opening ceremony of the conference.

The conference report was well received by the active party members and cadres in UDA.They all expressed that the report of the 12th Municipal Party Congress was inspiring.They felt proud of the achievements Tianjin has made in the past five years and were encouraged by the grand blueprint of Tianjin's development in the next five years.


Ma Xiaolei,member of Yili Party Branch(Tianjin Yili Dairy Products Co.,Ltd),said,“After having watched the opening ceremony of the Party Congress,I am very excited and feel proud.As the staff of UDA,I will keep up with the pace of the Party,consciously practice my loyalty to the Party with actions,constantly consolidate my business knowledge,and comprehensively improve the work ability and work quality with high efficiency.In a word,I will do my best for the high-quality development of the enterprise and the park!”


Liu Yangyang,member of UPP(Tianjin United-Power Pharma Tech Co.,Ltd)party branch,said,“In summarizing the development of the past five years,Li Hongzhong,secretary of CPC Tianjin Municipal Committee,pointed out that Tianjin's independent innovation capacity has been significantly enhanced,and a number of landmark innovation achievements have been made in artificial intelligence,biomedicine,new materials and other fields.As a medical scientific research worker,I feel encouraged.In the future,I will further consolidate my basic pharmacy theories,enrich my pharmaceutical practice experience,strive to be innovative and well-organized to improve myself.I believe that with the joint efforts of the party members and masses,Tianjin will certainly make a fresh start for the modern socialist metropolis.”


Gao Zhiyue,member of SAGETIC(Tianjin Saizhi Grouting Equipment Co.,Ltd)party branch,said,“It is not an easy job to make such brilliant achievements with five years’hard works.It is really remarkable!Being a party member,I will sincerely support the‘two establishments’,faithfully practice the‘two maintenances’,unremittingly follow the example of the core leader,and unswervingly move forward in the direction guided by General Secretary Xi Jinping.Furthermore,I must work diligently and vigorously to make greater contributions with high standard!”


Zhang Biwei,worker of party affairs in UDA,said,”Having watched the broadcast of the conference and heard the report delivered by secretary Hongzhong,I am thrilled to better understand the historic mission and responsibility by the striving path of the past five years.As a primary level party affairs worker,I will sincerely support the‘two establishments’,faithfully practice the‘two maintenances’,serve the enterprises and masses with enthusiasm,and give full play to the party building to promote the development of the park with high quality.Moreover,I will do my best to make contributions to the modern socialist metropolis!”


Release Time:2022-07-10 12:16:05