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The water is greener, and the sky is bluer! Wuqing Development Zone continues to optimize the ecological environment


Wuqing Development Zone has always adhered to the principle of“prioritizing environmental protection and promoting ecological development”.Since the beginning of this year,it has adhered to the same direction and unabated efforts,and has made every effort to promote the continuous optimization of the ecological environment of the park with“three focuses”and“four major measures”.

“Three Focuses”to Protect“Green Water”


The long-term work deployment of the municipal and district river and lake system was fully implemented,with continuous improvement of the level of river and lake management and protection in Wuqing Development Zone with higher requirements,stricter standards,and more practical measures,to strengthen the management of river and lake water environment.One is to focus on improving the water environment.On the basis of the inspection and protection of facilities,inspections were carried out on the shorelines of rivers and lakes,and nearly 1,000 bags of reeds,garbage and floating objects were cleaned up on the water surface and shoreline of Central Lake,Xinxi River,Wuzhi Canal,Quanqiu Canal,Yuanming Canal.The second is to focus on creating“model river leaders and model rivers and lakes”,including comprehensive renovation and maintenance of the supporting facilities of the Central Lake,maintenance of more than 600 linear meters of fitness trails,maintenance of nearly 400 square meters of wooden plank roads for viewing platforms,more than 600 square meters of painting treatment,more than 1,000 square meters of stone maintenance on roads and squares,and completion of 7 bridges maintenance of bridge decks and railings.The third is to focus on expanding the content of normalized inspections.Efforts have been made in combining the“four chaos”and“black and odorous water bodies”inspections with daily inspections,adhering to normalized inspections and inspections to ensure that there are no“four chaos”and“black and odorous water bodies”in the development zone.While improving the water quality,it continuously enhances the beautification of the environment,and strives to create a beautiful picture of“water in the city,city in the green,and people in the scenery”.

“Four Major Measures”to Protect the“Blue Sky”


The first is to fully implement the special action for the prevention and control of ozone pollution.Targeted treatment and refined management are implemented for the process links of ozone pollutant generation,and efforts are made to improve the waste gas treatment level of VOCs-emitting enterprises.The second is to do a good job in emergency response to heavily polluted weather.Wuqing development zone formulated a plan,implemented“one factory,one policy”,and inspected 465 enterprises in total to ensure that enterprises strictly implement the requirements of emergency response to heavy pollution weather in accordance with the requirements of the plan.The third is to strictly control project access.The total amount of VOCs in the development zone is controlled,and no new VOCs-related emission projects will be added.Control from the source will promote the green and healthy development of the park.The fourth is to implement the"dual control"requirements for total energy consumption and intensity.Wuqing development zone has encouraged enterprises to carry out green and low-carbon projects such as energy-saving renovations,continued to promote the construction of demonstration projects such as green factories,and promoted the combination of high-quality development and“dual-carbon”goals to achieve green and low-carbon development with practical results.

As the first municipal-level eco-industrial park in Tianjin,Wuqing development zone will be based on the new development stage,unswervingly implement the new development concept of“innovation,coordination,green,openness and sharing”,continue to strengthen ecological environment governance,vigorously introduce green industries,continue to create a new situation of high-quality development,and strive to build an“open collaborative innovation hub,a low-carbon smart city of happiness”.



Release Time:2022-07-19 14:15:29