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Wuqing Development Zone: Accelerated Speed—Immediate Construction of the 130-Million-Yuan Project upon Approval.


“We wanted to send this silk banner as early as March,but due to COVID-19 impact,we only come today.I sincerely thank the development zone for providing us with patient guidance and whole process service.The development zone supported us in certificate application and saved us lots of time for project construction!”a manager from Metal&Chemistry Research Institute of China Academy of Railway Sciences Corporation Limited(CARS)said,who sent a silk banner entitled“Wuqing Development Zone,a piece of fertile land of good business environment and enterprise growth”.


On April 11,with the full support of Wuqing Development Zone,Metal&Chemistry Research Institute obtained the Land Usage Planning Permit,Real Property Ownership Certificate,Engineering Planning Permit and Construction Permit within one day,becoming the first project of“starting construction upon land acquisition approval”in Wuqing District.
Metal&Chemistry Research Institute,with the total investment of 130.09 million yuan,was registered by China Academy of Railway Sciences Corporation Limited(CARS)as its production and R&D base in Wuqing Development Zone on October 12,2021.The project covers an area of 20103.2 m2 and a total construction area of 16264 m2 with the main business of railway related electromechanical and truck products.The average annual operating revenue of the project is expected to be 229.33 million yuan after project completion.This project will further promote the cluster and development of smart rail traffic industries,and also drive downstream relevant industries,service industries and local employment in Wuqing District.
In order to effectively facilitate the early commencement,completion and efficiency of the project,Wuqing Development Zone has set up a special project service team to provide well-targeted services for enterprises,transforming the“waiting period”into the“acceleration period”of project construction.After understanding the urgent needs of enterprises to obtain land and build and put into operation of the projects as soon as possible,Wuqing Development Zone actively coordinated Wuqing District Bureau of Administrative Examination and Approval,Wuqing District Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Commission,Wuqing District Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources and other functional departments to minimize the processing time limit and process multiple project items at the same time on the basis of tripartite linkage of the development zone,functional authorities and enterprises,breaking the traditional phased approval process.On October 26,2021,Wuqing Development Zone issued a preliminary opinion letter on“Land Acquisition and Project Construction Commencement"for the enterprise.With this letter,the enterprise successively carried out the bidding of project planning,survey,design,supervision and construction;On February 21 this year,the enterprise obtained the review opinions on the planning and design of the project;On March 31,the construction drawings review was successfully completed;On April 8,the bidding of project construction was completed;And on April 11,the“four certificates”were successfully approved and issued to the enterprise,realizing the efficient connection of land delivery,certificate approval and construction commencement.

Wuqing Development Zone has been always upholding the principle of improving service ability to accelerate the project construction.Since the beginning of this year,the development zone has been continuously exploring new service modes,including setting up special service teams for key projects,providing 24-hour consultation and write-off system services,setting project schedule in reversed order and strictly following up the project flow chart to ensure project process.Up to now,the formalities of 7 projects have been sped up and 14 key projects have started construction within the development zone.In future,by abiding to the goal of fulfilling the requirements of project construction,Wuqing Development Zone will continue to provide better whole-process and“one-stop”services,and help the healthy,rapid and high-quality development of enterprises with the“speed of the Wuqing Development Zone”.


Release Time:2022-05-11 17:16:08