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Face Challenges Head-on. Wuqing Development Zone Strictly Deploys Nucleic Acid Screening for All



 On January 9,at 7:00 a.m.,Wuqing Development Zone convened a special meeting to express the spirit of the pandemic prevention and control headquarters meeting at the city and district levels,as well as to make comprehensive plans for the nucleic acid screening work of all park employees on January 10.The meeting was attended by members of the park's leadership team,grid heads,and special work class leaders.


The meeting emphasized the importance of fully comprehending the critical situation confronting current pandemic prevention and control efforts,carefully implementing work deployment of city and district prevention and control headquarters,resolutely shouldering political responsibility,quickly capturing a state of readiness to face the challenge,and ensuring the orderly and effective completion of nucleic acid testing on all personnel.
The meeting proposed specific requirements for nucleic acid screening work:Firstly,we should strengthen the leadership of party building,issue Letter of Proposal to Party Organizations at All Levels and Party Members in the District,set up tentative Party branches at screening points,give full play to the role of grassroots Party organizations as a battle fortress and the role of Party members as vanguards powerful combat power.Secondly,we should consolidate the major responsibility of enterprises,accurately arrange personnel data,grasp dynamic personnel information in a timely manner,and resolutely ensure that no one is missed.Thirdly,we should implement protective measures.The staff of the screening point must strictly implement various protective measures,carry out work on the basis of ensuring their own safety,and do a good job in maintaining the order on site to ensure the safety and order of the screening work.Fourthly,we should strengthen overall coordination,quickly coordinate the human,material and equipment resources of the 6 screening points of the International Enterprise Community Building H3,Zhongjie Shuncheng Factory,Binderke Factory,Liuli School Gymnasium,Yixianyuan Samsung Vision,and Yinghua Experimental Middle School Gymnasium,in an effort to guarantee time efficiency.We should earnestly fulfill the responsibility of guarding the soil and shouldering responsibility of guarding the soil,and make every effort to protect life,health and safety of the people under the jurisdiction.


Release Time:2022-03-22 13:07:38