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[About UDA] 2021, A Complete Success

 Wuqing Development Zone in December

Comes to a perfect ending
01#Breaking News#
The unique service activities of"learning party history,delivering strong service,addressing issues,and advancing development"have been rigorously executed in Wuqing Development Zone.From September to December,members of the team from several departments paid visits to 151 businesses,assisting them with 77 practical issues.
02#Work on putting up a party#

Wuqing Development Zone continued to innovate in its forms in December.The development zone quickly sparked an upsurge in learning,publicizing,and implementing the spirit of the plenary session through"counseling lectures"by theoretical experts,"first-line lectures"by grassroots backbones,and other forms of"leading learning"by leading cadres,"seminar learning"at special conferences,and"counselling learning"on themes,through"leading learning"by leading cadres,"seminar learning"at special conferences,and"counselling learning"on themes,the development zone quickly set off an upsurge in learning,publicizing and implementing the spirit of the plenary session;through"counseling lectures"by theoretical experts,"first-line lectures"by grassroots backbones,and"online lectures"on new media platforms,we will continue to promote study,publicity and implementation of the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.
Following the conclusion of the Communist Party of China's Sixth Congress in Tianjin Wuqing District on December 5,the Wuqing Development Zone deployed immediately to research and disseminate the work.On the afternoon of December 5,the development zone's leadership team met for a special meeting.The development zone convened a thematic propaganda conference on December 6 in order to grasp the spirit of the Sixth Party Congress.Wuqing Development Zone held the"Touring Exhibition of the Communist Party of China's Spiritual Genealogy and the Development Achievements of Wuqing Development Zone"from July to December to promote learning and education of Party history,increase learning and education
flexibility,and expand learning and education coverage.The event was well-received and yielded positive results.
03#Coordinated development
East-West Cooperation|Wuqing Development Zone was visited by a Jingning County Party and Government delegation for inspection and exchange.
Counterpart cooperation|For inspection and exchange,a group from Xinjiang Minfeng County visited Wuqing Development Zone.
04#Business Glamor#
In 2021,135 Wuqing Development Zone firms were added to the national list of research and technology-based SMEs.
Wuqing Development Zone added 5 new municipal leading science and technology businesses,1 science and technology leadingincubation firm,12 gazelle enterprises,and 85 eagle enterprises in 2021,a new high.
Thirty firms in the Wuqing Development Zone were named national high-tech enterprises in 2021.
Hongri Pharmaceutical was named to the"Top 100 Proprietary Chinese Medicine Enterprises"in December,and its products were included in the"2021 Clinical Value Proprietary Chinese Medicine Brand List.
"Danfoss(Tianjin)Co.,Ltd.was named one of the"Top 10 Model Units of Non-public Enterprise Labor Competition"in Tianjin in December.
05#Safety Production
For the 100-day winter and spring fire prevention and control activity,Wuqing Development Zone held a special deployment meeting and enterprise fire safety management training session on December 15.The meeting used a hybrid of"online+offline"methods.The gathering drew 55 prominent fire-prevention companies on site,as well as more than 300 companies who watched it online.
Wuqing Development Zone tightened the"ideological strings"of safety production in 2021,tightly controlled the"quality"of special rectification,established a"protective wall"of safety development,and laid the groundwork for the zone's high-quality development.All efforts are directed toward establishing a safety foundation for the park's high-quality growth.
06#Activities with a theme#
Wuqing Development Zone used a combination of"online+offline"methods to carry out in-depth"Constitution Propaganda Week"publicity activities during the fourth national"Constitution Propaganda Week."
To promote the concept of"happy work and a healthy life,"and in response to the majority of enterprise employees'occupied work and fast-paced lives,Wuqing Development Zone released the special interval gymnastics short film"Vibrant Development Zone to Advance to the Future"in an attempt to entice the majority of enterprise employees in the park to join the team to jump interval gymnastics.The goal is to promote physical health,relieve weariness,increase work efficiency,boost enterprise vitality,and accelerate high-quality development.
The Wuqing Development Zone Trade Union,Women's Federation,and Youth League Committee together sponsored a"Greeting New Year's Day"themed flower art activity on December 17 to improve workers'cultural lives and encourage their love for work.The activity involved 300 personnel and was conducted in the form of online live lectures.
New Year's greetings
The year 2021 has passed us by in the blink of an eye.
A new adventure is about to begin.
Let's keep moving forward together.
With united hands,for a bright future


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