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China makes notable achievements in shoring up public security

 BEIJING,April 15(Xinhua)--Over the past year,China has made notable achievements in shoring up public and national security,according to a press conference by China's Ministry of Public Security on Friday.

Social stability has been sustained,and a remarkable record has been maintained in preventing terrorist incidents nationwide,said the ministry.
Responding to emergency calls from the public,Chinese police over the past year have handled over 11.5 million emergencies involving illegal activities and over 31.9 million emergencies where the public required help,said the ministry.
Over the past year,256,000 smart security communities have been built,and 77,000 cases involving economic offenses have been resolved,with over 28.1 billion yuan(around 4.4 billion U.S.dollars)in losses retrieved.
China has also made continuous efforts to combat organized crime and root out local criminal gangs on an ongoing basis.The country carried out a targeted campaign to fight illegal activities in cyberspace,during which 62,000 cases have been handled,said the ministry.
Friday marked the country's seventh National Security Education Day.■


Release Time:2022-04-18 15:06:39