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leaders introduction

Based on the study and decision of the Working Committee, the division of labor of leading group members in Wuqing Development Area is adjusted:

Li Fuguo presided over the overall work of the work Committee, management committee and head office, in charge of the audit work.

Xi Zhihua is in charge of Yixian Garden related work.

Zhang Shuyue is responsible for party construction, spiritual civilization construction, team building and management, discipline inspection and supervision. He is also responsible for the work of the United Front, trade union, Communist Youth League and women's Federation. He coordinates the work of letter and visit stability and matchmaking support, assists the audit work, and contacts the work of the People's Congress and the CPPCC. In charge of party construction work Department, comprehensive service Department, group work Department, Personnel management Department, legal Department.

Zhang Wumin is responsible for capital operation, investment management, bidding, coordination, management and financial supervision of Yinghua School, and assists CPPCC and united Front work. In charge of the special class of debt resolution, the first department of capital operation, the second Department of capital operation, and the Bidding and purchasing Department.

Li Zhen is responsible for economic operation, pre-settlement and some directly affiliated companies. In charge of economic operation Department I, Economic operation Department II, pre-settlement Department, water company, thermal company.

Wu Guibao is responsible for special land renovation and special class work of major projects, and assists in debt relief work. In charge of planning and design Department and project management Department.

Li Pengcheng is responsible for enterprise management services, scientific and technological talents, enterprise listing, investment attraction, coordination of customs, commodity inspection, development Area police station, to assist economic operation. In charge of enterprise management Department, Human Resources Department, Science and Technology Service Department, Investment Promotion Department, Smart Technology Investment Promotion Department and secondary development Department.

Lang Cong is responsible for attracting investment and coordinating the coordinated development of The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. In charge of investment Promotion Department 1, 3, 4, 5 and 7, investment promotion Department of health industry, Investment policy Research Department, Beijing office, Representative office in Germany, overseas Chinese Dream Garden.

Yan Wenjie is responsible for environmental protection, urban management and some companies directly under the company. In charge of environmental management Department, urban management Department, Enterprise Development Promotion Center, green company, industrial property company, Creative Property Company, Said property Company, said business conference center.

Feng lijun is responsible for engineering construction and production safety, and assists in special land renovation and special class work for major projects. In charge of administrative service center, Project Management Department and safety management Department.

In accordance with the requirement of "one post and two responsibilities", all leaders should fulfill their main responsibilities. While doing well in their professional work, they should earnestly pay attention to the construction of team, production safety, stability and integrity in the fields and departments in charge.

After the adjustment, the division of labor among members of the former leading group (Wu Jing Kai Fa [2018] No. 46) shall be abolished. This notice shall take effect as of the date of issuance.

Working Committee of Tianjin Wuqing Economic and Technological Development Area

March 31, 2020



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