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China Tianjin Wuqing Development Area Introduction

  China Tianjin Wuqing Development area was built on December 28, 1991, is selected as National level economy development area, national level high technology industrial park area and Tianjin national independent innovation core demonstration area. It covers an area of 42 square kilometers.


The region owns unique geographic advantage, locates in area between Beijing and Tianjin, and is also the central hub of Beijing & Tianjin major axis of Jingjinji coordinate development. It is 71 kilometers away from Beijing urban area, 25 kilometers away from Tianjin urban area, 90 kilometers away from Beijing Daxing International Airport, 45 kilometers away from Beijing New international airport, 35 kilometers away from Tianjin Binhai international airport, 71 kilometers away from Tianjin port.


In addition, the regions traffic system is fairly opening and convenient, within the area of 10 minutes driving, there are 4 highways, including Jingjintang, Jingjin, Jinghu, Binbao and also 6 highway entrances; there is also 1 Jingjin intercity railway station; There are 1 passenger and 1 freight station on the Jingshan railway, and the planned Beijing Tianjin Metro will be connected in Wuqing;, 103 &104 national highway also cross via the area; the traffic network of nine horizontal and nine vertical built by Wuqing district also go through the region.


Besides, the region is also with excellent natural ecologic environment, the development area neighbors to Jinghang grand canal in the North, faces Longfeng river in the North, nearby the ancient channel of Longfeng river, in the middle area, Build a wetland style Central Lake Park of 700 Mu.  The regional forestation rate reaches 42%, both air and water quality comply with national standard. Over past years, there is no any unqualified enterprises entering here. In 2019, it was approved as the only municipal eco industrial park in Tianjin.


Central Lake Park


City Canal


In addition, the regional service environment is fairly excellent and high efficient, it is constantly committed on the concept that Serving others with full heart for developing self, insists on winning the market and consumers with excellent services,  also builds development area administration service center, customs, CIQ and free trade zone logistic area, so as to provide One stop office and complete service of one continuous line.  Furthermore, there are also complete business service agencies involving Finance, Law and accounting, aims to provide high level consulting service and training service including policy, management, engineer, technology, finance and laws. 

The regional mating facilities are fairly complete. The infrastructure reaches eleven supplies and one flat, builds large commercial office building, star level hotel, hot spring apartment, Conference Center, Gaoxin apartment, international school, first level hospital of Grade 3, theme park, outlets shopping town. Can provide conference, accommodation, catering, medical, leisure and other services.

Thanks to its completed scientific and technological innovation system, it has won over honors as International Model Zone for Health-care Industry, Tianjin Municipal Model Base for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Tianjin Entrepreneurship Park for Overseas students and Tianjin Industry Parks for Human Capital. At present, there are 66 Projects in Colleges and universities, there are 24 municipal R & D institutions, 10 testing agencies, 6 units of national level incubator, 6 international public creative space, 6 gazelle enterprises, 36 young eagle enterprises, 115 National Science and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises, and 108 National high-tech enterprises. The Development Zone has one college, one state-level vocational school and seen scheduled building of a National College Innovation Park, all in an effort to rev up clustering of high-end and innovation talents. Each year, it appeals to over 10,000 senior high school graduates and more than 4000 graduates with a Bachelor’s Degree and above. Hinged on its geological and transportation advantages, it is subject to radiation of hundreds of universities and scientific research bodies in Beijing and Tianjin. Such have been set up as Scientific Research Workstations for Post-doctors (1 head station plus 13 branch stations), workstations for academicians, bases for specialists’ services and so forth are based in the zone that can offer potent intelligence backup to scientific and technological innovation in enterprises. By taking grips at ‘five innovation platforms’ on research and development innovation, small- and middle-scaled trial, industrialization, marketing services and financing and investment services, the Development Zone is emphatically forging a vibrant innovation system with completed functions.

Furthermore, the enterprises are able to enjoy multiple policy encouragements, not only enjoy the favorable policies of national level high and new technology industrial park, national level economic technology development area, China Tianjin free trade zone experiment zone, Tianjin national independent innovation demonstration area, Jingjinji coordinate development, also enjoy encouragement policy of Wuqing districts six levels talents recruit, cultivation and rewards,the polices of promoting technical minor enterprises development, as well the supporting polices for Tianjin enterprises upgrading, private economy development.

An aggregated input of 120 billion Yuan (including 6.07 billion USD by foreign investment) have been drawn since establishment of the Zone. Over 6,000 companies from more than 50 countries and regions are introduced, 47 among which are Global Fortune 500 Companies covering Emerson, Amazon , Aptiv from America, Faurecia and Suez from France, Voestalpine of Austria, COFCO, SPIC and the like. Over 100 are foreign leading companies, examples being Bestseller, Danfoss and Niehuhr Gears of Denmark, Mahler Filtering System, Grimme and WAGO from Germany, Magnequench and Rich’s from US, Florenta Village co-invested by America and Italy, ILJIN from South Korea and so forth. Over 120 domestic leading companies find their presence in here. Examples cover Tiens Group, Chase Sun Pharm, China Academy of Railway Science, Novogene, Xinyi Glass, Wanda Group, Erie, CCTHR, CSG Holding Co., Ltd. and so forth. 

Three dominant sectors namely smart science and technology, biological pharmacy and modern tertiary industry have taken shape. Smart science and technology industry incorporates rail traffic, smart device, specialized devices, new generation of information technologies, core automobile parts, artificial intelligence, big data and so on. Bio-pharmacy sector covers smart biological manufacturing, pharmaceutical products, precise medication, medical apparatus, health management and so on. Modern tertiary industry covers manufacturing-oriented tertiary industry, business tertiary industry, human resources tertiary industry and consumption tertiary industry that extends to fashion originality, industrial designing, research and development services, smart logistics, investment and financing services, marketing services, professional consultation, business, medication, education and so on.   

Wuqing Development Zone is the window of Wuqing District's opening to the outside world, leading innovation, driving transformation and supporting development. In 2019, the GDP will reach 10.92 billion yuan; tax revenue was RMB 7.658 billion yuan; attract 103,000 people for employment. 

At present, the goal is creating synergistic innovation of portal and ecological technology park, taking great pains to enhance the quality and efficiency of development, focusing on building three carrier platforms.

. Sino-European Industrial Park

In October 2015, Jointly built by commercial ministry investment promotion bureau, the planned area covers nearly 5.5 square kilometers. it is known as development platform carrier for European enterprises. Aims to build high level industrial development base, specialized in developing high level equipment manufacturing, biology pharmacy and new material industry. Currently, the fitted environmental and energy conserving workshop of nearly 50 thousand square kilometers and China-European Industrial park have been put into use, and also the II phase of environmental and energy conserving workshop, as well relevant mating facilities are under planning construction. The 50,000-square-meter Environmental and Energy-saving Plant tailored for foreign-invested companies and China-Europe Service Center have been up and running. Environmental and Energy-saving Plant (Phase II) and supporting area for livelihood are in the pipeline. Such foreign companies as American Aptiv, French Faurecia, Voestalpine of Austria, Oventrop of Germany, Amadan, Grimme, Coronie, GRC and so forth have been settled in here.

. Startup Headquarter Base

The planned area covers nearly 1.45 square kilometers , the total construction area covers 1.2 million square meters. It is divided into six sections namely Central Service Quarter, Head Office Zone, Business Hotel Area, Outsourcing Service Area, Comprehensive Office Area and Block of Apartments for Specialists. It is dominated by such modern tertiary industry as professional consultation, financing and business, conversion of research and development, cultural entertainment and head office economy. Many companies of note have been based in here, examples covering CHEC Water Affairs, SYMC Tech, United-Power Pharmacy, Amazon Calling Center, Hilton Hotel, Ochirly, Novogene, and Afu Essential Oil.

. International Enterprise Community

Planning area is 5 and construction area is 6,000,000 square meters. It is major development of new generation of information technology, technical research and development, culture creativity, modern finance, and high-end commerce and trade. There is 300 mu of self-built international business community and 400,000 square meters of construction area. Several domestic and overseas noted companies covering CTHR, Superred, Acorn Gene, CWE, CITICS, Zhongnan Property, Wuhan University, Beijing-Tianjin Academy of Science and Technology have been settled in the zone.



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