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Two companies converge and Chinese and western obtain win-win situation

Gestamp and Hainachuang hold the establishment ceremony of the joint venture and the opening ceremony of Tianjin factory

In the forenoon of November 15, the establishment ceremony of the Gestamp-Hainachuang joint venture and the opening ceremony of Tianjin factory were held. Rafael Dezcallar de Mazarredo, the Spanish ambassador to China; Francisco Jose Lybeles, the chairman of Gestamp Group; Cai Suping, the Standing Committee Member of Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of BAIC Group and the Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Hainachuang, Zhang Shaofeng, the Secretary of Working Committee and the Director of Management Committee in Wuqing Development Zone, Li Pengcheng and Lang Cong, the Deputy General Manager of Headquarter in development zone, etc. attended the ceremony. Over 160 persons from the shareholder leaders, customer representatives, supplier representatives, joint venture representatives, etc. of Gestamp and Hainachuang participated in the ceremony. 

The Gestamp-Hainachuang Tianjin factory was jointly constructed by Spain Gestamp (China) Investment Co., Ltd. and Beijing Hainachuang Auto Parts Co., Ltd. and covers an area of 100 mus, with the total investment amount of EUR 50 million (RMB 390 million). It mainly devotes to the stamping forming and assembly of the white body of vehicles and the chassis components, and is equipped with the hot stamping forming production line and 5 laser welding workshops. 

In the address, the Francisco Jose Lybeles indicated that both parties establish the joint venture, which not only expanded the development space of Gestamp, but also closely contacted China's independent brands. Gestamp will constantly strengthen the research ability in China to supplement Hainachuang, and provide better products for customers. 

In the address, Cai Suping indicated that such joint venture was brand new pace for the purpose of optimizing the layout of subordinate enterprises of Hainachuang as per the strategy of "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration". Hainachuang would closely cooperate with Gestamp to greatly support the growth of joint venture and create the future hand in hand. 

In the address, the Spanish ambassador to China indicated he was very happy to witness the establishment of Gestamp- Hainachuang joint venture, hopes Tianjin Factory could growth stably and develop rapidly, and hoped Gestamp and Hainachuang could make progress together to constantly deepen the cooperation and establish the model of win-win cooperation of Chinese and western, which would promote constantly-deepening friendship between Spain and China. 

Established in 1997, Gestamp is one Spanish multinational company which involves the design, development and manufacturing field of high-end automotive metal parts, and its products cover many fields such as while body, chassis, mechanical device, etc. At present, there are 108 manufacturing plants (4 plants are under construction) and 13 R&D centers in the 22 countries in the global. Established in 2008, and jointly invested and built by Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co., Ltd. and Beijing Industrial Development Investment Management Co., Ltd., Hainachuang is an international and comprehensive auto parts enterprise group, owns nearly 50 domestic enterprises and 16 overseas factories, and establishes R&D center in Europe and North America, with annual revenue over RMB 50 billion. It ranks top 65 among top 100 supporting suppliers of global auto parts in American Automotive News in 2018, and its customers pervade over 40 global automobile enterprises.


Release Time:2018-11-23 13:06:59