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Six enterprises in the development zone are selected in the Tianjin the 2nd batch strategic leading enterprises of emerging industries

On Sep.4th,the Municipal Talent Office published theTianjin the 2nd Batch Strategic Leading Enterprises List of Emerging Industries.And 12 enterprises in Wuqing District were selected,and six enterprises of them are located in the Wuqing Development Area.

The selected enterprises of the Development Area are Tieke Huatie Longitude and Latitude(Tianjin)Information Technology Co.,Ltd.,Novogene Biological Information Technology Co.,Ltd.,Xinyi Auto Parts(Tianjin)Co.,Ltd.,Wago Electric(Tianjin)Co.Ltd.And Magnequench(Tianjin)Co.,Ltd.

So far,there are 17 enterprises in our district are listed in the"Tianjin 1st and 2nd batch strategic leading enterprises of emerging industries"and there are total 10 enterprises having been selected.As of now,there are four enterprises being selected into the"1st batch strategic leading enterprise of emerging industries",namely,Tianjin Chase Sun Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.,Tianjin CSG Energy Conservation Glass Co.,Ltd.,Tianjin Tiens Group,Sanying Motion Control(Tianjin)Technology Ltd.

In the next,the Development Area will adhere to the enterprise first,talents leading to serve as usual,emphasizing what enterprises focus and what talents need to create a better development environment for park enterprises.


Release Time:2018-09-20 09:12:56