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Jinsidao Biological Is Officially Settled in Wuqing

On July 20,the contract-signing activity between Tianjin Genovo Biological Science Technologies Co.,Ltd.(short as‘Genovo’)in Wuqing Development District and Jinsidao Biology,a strategic cooperative brand of ToolGen Company,South Korea,was held in the Head Office in Wuqing Development Zone.

The first plant genetic engineering company with genome compiling technology as the means,Genovo makes use of its powerful scientific and technological innovative strength to establish the world’s leading platform for genome compiling of plants that forcefully propel development of gene compiling in domestic agriculture and forestry industry and lead the trend.moreover,its open platform of plant genome compiling would provide all varieties of gene compiling services to domestic and overseas seed companies,universities and research institutes that would drastically boost overall scientific research level of agricultural and forestry industry in China.

The contract-signing ceremony marks formal establishment of strategic cooperative and supplementary relationship between Genovo and ToolGen Company of South Korea that would propel combination of Genovo’s preeminent edges on plant genome compiling and ToolGen Company’s genome compiling of mankind.Principals of both companies indicate that Jinsidao will more thoroughly enhance basic research and applied management on genome compiling technologies.With complementary advantages and working in concerted effort,it leads the trend of genome compiling with an innovative cooperative development mode,applies front-edge multigroup scientific research results to elite breeding,protein project,gene therapy,biological pharmacy and other sectors,spurs conversion of genetic science and technology and bring bliss to mankind with genetic science and technology.


Release Time:2018-07-31 16:02:02