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United-Power High-end New Drug Biological Analysis Platform Project Settled in the Development Zone

Currently, the United-Power New Drug Biological Analysis Platform Project formally settled in the Entrepreneurship Headquarters Base, Wuqing Development Zone. This Project was invested and established by the United-Power Pharma Tech Co., Ltd. Beijing in the Development Zone and mainly provides the CRO services for various biological drugs, and its leased building with the more than 3000m2 is taken as the R&D, Sales and Technology Service Center in the northern area. Currently, the Macromolecular Drug Biological Analysis Laboratory plans to be newly established according to the Beijing laboratory standards, and the partial high-end scientific research personnel and main businesses from the company in Beijing are gradually transferred to be in Tianjin. For this Project, the total amount of expected investment is CNY 50 million and after putting into production, the total amount of annual tax is not lower than CNY 10 million. 

As the investor, the parent company of United-Power Pharma Tech Co., Ltd. Beijing includes the National Academy of Military Sciences, National Engineering Center for Protein Drugs (C&N International), Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical, Heshi Kangming and other multiple well-known units in biological medicine, and its headquarters is located in Beijing. This enterprise is a CRO company taking the biopharmaceutical enterprise as the main service target and it is also an enterprise with the largest scale and market share in the CRO industry all over the Asia. It has successively accomplished nearly 300 items of macromolecular/ micromolecular drug research projects, and it covers more than 70% varieties of biological products in domestic and owns more than 170 domestic biopharmaceutical enterprise customers. The company sets up the largest macromolecular drug biological analysis laboratory in Asia, which is a sole enterprise obtaining the CNAS certification in domestic, meanwhile, it represents the highest level in domestic in ternms of the scientificity and regulation compliance. As the benchmarking enterprise in the industry, the United-Power has ever assisted the National Ministry of Health, National Health and Family Planning Commission and other administrative units in formulating the relevant industry norms and standards. 

The introduction of United-Power project filled in the vacancy of the high-quality CRO enterprises in the massive health industry in the Development Zone, further expanding the biological medicine industry chain of Wuqing District and promoting the industrial cluster development.


Release Time:2018-05-26 08:20:59