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Beijing Canaan Leemit settles down in development zone

Recently,Beijing Canaan Leemit Co.,LTD(called as“Beijing Canaan Leemit”for short)moves to Wuqing development zone.The company's high-class pharmaceutical equipment project plans to rent plant covering more than 5,000 square meters in development zone,with a total investment of 50 million yuan,mainly deals in R&D,production and sales about automation control system software of powder processing system,intelligent robots,fully enclosed powder conveying system,automatic batching system.The project’s estimate annual marketing volume nearly reaches 150 million yuan,and the total annual tax revenue may reach 12 million yuan.

As the shareholding subsidiary of Zhejiang Canaan Technology Corporation,Beijing Canaan Leemit’s new project covers a market share of 75%in the field of powder process system and keeps leading position.It has cooperated with global leading pharmacy enterprises such as Sanofi,Red Sun Pharmaceutical.

In recent years,the development zone actively responded to the coordinated development strategy of Beijing,Tianjin and Hebei,and actively took over non-capital functions and industrial transfer.Beijing Canaan Leemit’s joining would furtherly extend the park's high-class manufacturing industry chain,promote the development of the park's health industry,lead the pharmaceutical equipment industry,and enhance its influence in the high-class manufacturing sector.


Release Time:2018-01-15 16:15:38