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Development zone‘s introduction project of American ETS-Lindgren electromagnetic waves.

In morning of January 26th, Wuqing development zone and American ESCO Technology Company (called as “ESCO” for short hold ceremony of signing contract, and introduces ETS-Lindgren electromagnetic waves. The project plans to rent No.1 plant of phase II development zone sino-industry Park, covering area of 3667 square meters, with total amount of 20 million yuan. It specially deals in research, development and manufacturing in shield plate, absorbing material, high performance shielding door, EMC turn table, antenna tower, controller, electric filter, Dark room Monitoring System, as well provides system solution in this field. When it officially operates, the estimate annual tax and incomes reach over than 5.5 million yuan from 2021.its head office locates in St. Louis.

ESCO is dedicated to the development, manufacturing and product service of filtration and liquid control products, RF shielding and EMC testing products for the aviation industry. Lingred Electromagnetics of Its wholly-owned subsidiary is known as the world's largest supplier of anechoic chambers and electromagnetic testing environment. It is also the exclusive company in the world that can provide the overall design and construction of electromagnetic compatibility, the design and manufacture of darkroom equipment. It also has 95 years’ comprehensive experience and professional technology, and has cooperated with Apple, Microsoft, Nokia, Huawei, Samsung, Sony, Qualcomm, etc.


Release Time:2018-02-05 16:14:40