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Opening ceremony of Grimme Agriculture Technology (Tianjin) Co., LTD

On March 19th, Grimme Agriculture Technology (Tianjin) Co., LTD (called as “Grimme” for short in text) holds opening ceremony on March 19th; all of relevant persons in charge are attending the ceremony. 

Grimme settled down in development zone since 2015, it is invested with total amount of 150 million yuan and locates in sino-Europe Industry Park in Wuqing development zone. The first phase project covers area of 50 acres, and then second phase covers area of 30 acres. When it officially puts into production, the predict annual tax amount reaches over than 30 million yuan. The head office of Grimme locates in Tadmor city, Lower Saxony in German; it has over than 150 years’ history. The group specially deals in agricultural machinery’s research, development, manufacturing and marketing for tomato, vegetable and sugarbeet. Grimme has built clusters of branch offices and service center among over than 100 countries and regions. It is known as leading enterprise in this field, and also, along with Edmund Clowney, and Amadan, they are called as “ Leading tycoons in German Agriculture Machinery”.

All the time, development zone always pay high attention on cooperation with foreign-funded enterprise, constantly strengthen on bringing in abroad investment projects. At present, it has attracted nearly 260 enterprises from Germany, United Kingdom, Denmark and United States. The development zone has grown to be a fertile soil for various abroad businesses’ investment. In following, the development zone constantly consists on the idea that” Industry is first, the entrepreneur is the leading”, and “Serving others that is developing itself”, it aims to provide powerful supports and promote mutual win-win between park and enterprise. 


Release Time:2018-04-04 16:12:33