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The big troubleshoot and renovation for safety production is carried out in the development zone

Wuqing Development Zone pays high attention to and fastens on details, and continuously and deeply carries out the big troubleshoot and renovation for safety production. Firstly, establish the joint supervision inspection leadership team. The Director of Safety Committee in Development Area serves as the team leader, and main responsible persons in each department of Safety Committee serve as the team member to promote the troubleshoot for safety production as a whole in place. Secondly, firmly establish the concept of "hidden danger is accident, and accident shall be handled", gradually establish the ledger one by one for the problems found in the inspection, tease the special file in key location, and define the rectification time node to achieve the immediate rectification after immediate check, instant rectification after instant knowing, and closed -loop management. Up to now, the comprehensive screening has been conducted to the storage enterprises involved in the Jiawu warehouse logistics, SLC international logistics, Gongsuda logistics, GLP logistics, Bestseller, etc. And 40 hidden dangers are found and are greatly under rectification at present. Thirdly, formulate the risk evaluation mechanism and enterprise "blacklist" management system, conclude and sign the safety production target responsibility statement with over 270 enterprises to further compact the responsibilities of the enterprise entity, and urge the enterprises to carry out the self-inspection and self-rectification of hidden safety hazards.


Release Time:2018-11-27 13:12:15