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Notice of Regional Development and Reformation Committee to Organize and Declare 2019 Tianjin Logistics Development Special Fund

All concerned units:

In order to push industrial structure adjustment of our city and promote speedy development of logistics industry,and according to relevant provisions in Tianjin Logistics Development Special Fund Management Method(JCJE(2016)No.22),the municipal development and reformation committee and municipal financial bureau researched and formulated 2019 Tianjin Logistics Development Special Fund Item Declaration Guideline(JFGJM(2018),No.523)(hereafter referred to as"Declaration Guideline").Now it is forwarded to you,please carry on project organization declaration work as soon as possible according to the requirement in Declaration Guideline and submit relevant application information(in 3 copies,written materials,electronic version)to the administration center(Room 616,E building)before August 24,2018.And overtime will be invalidated.

Appendix:Declaration Guideline of 2019 Tianjin Logistics Development Special Fund Project

Contact phone:Jing Yuan 82966401 Nian Jialin 82138911

Regional development and reformation committee



Release Time:2018-08-29 08:42:18