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Honesty, the Most Stunning Undertone for the Internet

The 4th Nationwide Propaganda Day for Cyberspace Honesty hosted by the Office of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission is sweeping country in recent days.The activity is aimed at putting into effect promotion of social credit system building and deployment of institutionalized work for cyberspace honesty by the Central Government,concentratedly publicizing the concept of cyberspace honesty,further aggregating consensus of the whole society,vigorously forging an intense atmosphere of running websites in a lawful and honest way and actively spurring the internet development to bring bliss to the masses.

A man can’t find a foothold in the society without honesty and a company can’t prosper without integrity.Integrity is the groundwork for social development and the lifeline for the cyber to survive.But the reality is subject to a variety of factor when falsified platforms and fraudulent information abound and are difficult to be uprooted.Such crimes as attack,terrorism,pornography,drug smuggling,laundering,gambling,information exposure and beguiling would frequently strike the website.Rather than a‘space staying away from the boundary of law’,the cyberspace should comply with law in controlling,running and logging online.With honesty as the undertone,the internet should be soundly running on the track of law.

We should stick to control of cyberspace according to laws so as to escort cyberspace honesty.President Xi is implicit in pointing out that we should lawfully enhance governance on cyberspace with a mindset holding accountable to the society and its people.With a string of moves launched covering‘purifying the network’,‘sword over the cyberspace’,‘protection of the seedling’and other actions of governance as well as eradication of such detrimental content as vulgar online live programs,‘evil videos’and so forth,the Office of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commissions is in an attempt to purify the cyberspace.With lawful governance of the network and constant intensification of valid governance of the government on use of cyberspace resources,cyber honesty building is rooted a staunch guarantee.

We should stick to running of cyberspace and radically reform cyber honesty.Providers of internet services hold accountable to entrench the awareness of cyber honesty.In actuality,running of cyberspace according to law is the basis for cyberspace development.To put it into practice requires that a website stick to‘seven baselines’namely intensification of self-discipline,adherence to industrial norm,perfection of internal management institution,intensification of education on honesty among employees,incessant improvement of occupational qualities,business competence and honesty level of employees,constant enrichment of connotation of cyberspace culture building,and priority on boosting of clout,vitality and propagation of cyberspace culture.

We should stick to use of cyberspace according to law so as to consolidate cyberspace honesty.Cyber honesty building involves all people,as all people would like to stay aloof from a space brimmed with falsehood,fraud,attack or vile.Building of an honest cyberspace would bring bliss to all.With integrity,the most gorgeous company on our life track,we should enhance the awareness of holding responsibility and of surfing the internet based on laws and in a civilized manner in a bid to get involved in synthetic governance of cyberspace ecology,maintenance of cyberspace security,upkeep of a purified cyberspace space so that the internet is increasingly becoming a rosy homeland for mankind.

The world gains more sheen because of the internet and life is getting more diversity with the internet.The Nationwide Propaganda Date for Honesty roots for‘intensification of responsibility for integrity and eradication of falsified information’.Implementation of a string of rich and colorful activities is aimed at arousing cyber honesty,and heartening that network participants stick to social conscience,abide by baseline of morality and actively publicize positive energy.In an era where everyone has a microphone,it is hoped that controlling,running and logging in cyberspace can go hand in hand so that they aggregate to a powerful positive energy of honesty,construct the largest‘concentric circle’of honesty and bring bliss to over 1.3 billion Yuan with development of the internet.


Release Time:2018-07-31 16:00:49