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Notice on the Declaration of Cotton Import Sliding Tax Quota in 2018

Relevant units:

In accordance with the requirements of Notice on the Declaration of Cotton Import Sliding Tax Quota in 2018 issued by Development and Reform Commission, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

One. Basic conditions for applying for quotas

As for the basic conditions for declaring the 2018 cotton import tax quotas, see notice No. 7 of 2018 in the "policy release center" bulletin board of the National Development and Reform Commission website's website ( .

Two. Reporting materials of the applicant enterprise 

1. Report on the application of cotton import sliding tax quota in 2018; 2. Cotton import sliding duty tax quota application form in duplicate (downloaded from the above website); 3. Copy of business license of enterprise legal person; 4. Original and photocopy of value-added tax payment certificate for production and sales of cotton yarn, cotton cloth and other cotton products in 2017. All the above materials should be stamped with the official seal of the enterprise. 

Three. Fill out matters to be noted

1. In filling out the application form, the enterprise shall first read the instructions below the application form carefully, and ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the content. If false statements are made, they will be jointly punished by the relevant departments. 

2.The amount of quota application should not exceed the amount of cotton per year, the amount of cotton used should be in line with the spinning capacity, and the quantity to be filled in must include purchase, sales invoice, certificate of entry and exit, etc. for reference; Applicant shall be a cotton spinning enterprise with more than 50,000 ingots of its own spinning equipment, excluding lease. 

Four. Reporting time and related matters

Please notify the enterprises that have the will and meet the requirements to report the application materials. Please send the above declaration materials to our committee before 27 June 2018, which is invalid if overdue. 

Contact: Du Na  Tel: 82106355

District Development and Reform Commission

22 June 2018


Release Time:2018-06-29 13:44:46