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Advice about Carrying out 2018 Tianjin Oversea study persons technology project supporting report

To all parks and towns:

Now <Notice on launching the 2018 annual Tianjin University Scholarship for Science and Technology Activities Project Application > issued by Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Foreign Experts (Tianjin Special [2018] No. 2) has been forwarded to you all, it requires to contact the overseas students in the jurisdiction for innovation and entrepreneurship, so as to timely report the latest trends.


Please forward the below application files (in duplicate, includes E version ) with stamp to district talent exchange center before working time on Jan.17th, if delayed, it will be taken as giving up. 

Add: 2nd floor, Innovation building, No.8 North Quanzhou road

Contact: Bai Zhichao, Hou Mengran

Tel: 59618200


Annex: Advice about Carrying out 2018 Tianjin Oversea study persons technology project supporting report 

Wuqing human resource and social security bureau

January 10th, 2018

Annex: Advice on 

 Advice about Carrying out 2018 Tianjin Oversea study persons technology project supporting report

To all district human resource and social security bureau and related units:

According to requirement of <Tianjin Oversea Study Persons technology activity start-up supporting implementation> issued by Tianjin human resource office, (Jin human resource office (2015) No.9), our city plans to carry out Oversea Study Persons technology activity supporting reports, the specific details are as below: 

The oversea study persons shall comply with below requirements: 

(1) Chinese nationality, love motherland, guided by Communist Party of China, has strong sense of undertakings and responsibility, shall be within 40 years old. 

(2) Over study in abroad, make great achievement in study, obtains master or higher diploma, the period shall be within 3 years since backing country.

(3) Has strong scientific ability, published relevant academic article in domestic and abroad major issues.

(4) Has obtained national or municipal thousand-talent , high level talent development supporting plan , 131 innovation talent cultivation project, enterprise post doctor outstanding innovation project supporting , would be not included. 

2. Application materials:

(1.) <Tianjin Oversea Study returned staff scientific research project application form> ( May download from mail box, Email user name:, code:83605719)

(2) Origin version or copy version of master or diploma certificate

(3). Abroad diploma certificate authorized copy version issued by nation education ministry, or copy version of < Returned oversea studying students> issued by our embassy in abroad;

(4) Other related certificate materilas.

3. Application process

(1) The applier shall forward the application materials to related department, when gets approval, the unit shall forward the application material report to regions’ related department.

(2).When gets district or town’s approval, the application material and written materials ( with official stamps , in duplicate) shall be reported to talent comprehensive service center before Jan.19th, 2018, E version shall include < Tianjin Returned oversea studying persons scientific project application > and other relevant certification files. 

4. Related requirement:

(1) All applier shall pay high attention on such task, seriously require the appliers to objectively, truly and completely fill the form, and submit relevant certificates. 

(2) All departments shall strictly inspect all process; seriously review all materials to make sure all information authentic and correct. 

(3) All units shall timely report all application materials, report to municipal departments, if delayed, will be taken as giving up. 


Contact: Chen Renjie   Tel: 83869360

Add: Tianjin Talent comprehensive service center (3rd floor, Beifang talent market No.29 North Youyi road, Hexi district )

Annexi: < Tianjin Returned Oversea Studying Persons Scientific Project Application>

Annexii: See attached format and requirement


Jan. 5th, 2018


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