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Notice on improving the autumn and winter of 2017 environmental improvement of enterprises

To enterprises in development zone: 

For further implementing on the spirit of building a beautiful Wuqing by District Committee and creating a neat, clean, and comfortable production and living environment, meanwhile, the weather is dry and windy in autumn, the weeds in the enterprises are most likely to suffer from fire damage. According to regulations of Tianjin Municipality on the administration of city appearance and environmental sanitation and requirements of relevant management regulations in Wuqing Development Zone, all enterprises in the development zone are required to implement the main responsibility for actively removing weeds so as to avoid fire hazards. We hope that enterprises should cooperate actively and arrange immediately after receiving this notice, just be sure to remove the weeds and clean the factory before November 20th, and do a good job of bare ground cover on bare ground after remove weeds to avoid raising dust pollution. Asking for understanding from the inconvenience caused by our work. Thank you for your cooperation!

Wuqing Development Zone of Tianjin New Technology Industrial Park

Ministry of safety development

October 24, 2017


Release Time:2017-10-25 09:32:59