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About Leaders

leaders introduction

Zhang Shaofeng's in charge of the Work Committee and the Administrative Committee;

Zhang Fuwang’s in charge of the parent company; 

Zhu Ruilin is put in charge of the Yixian Park; 

Li Fuguo’s in charge of technical innovation of Jing-Jin High Village; 

Liu Qingshi undertakes works on the coordinating security and environmental protection, and he is put in charge of safe development department, thermal companies, industrial property companies, and property companies of development zone;

Zhang Shuyue undertakes works on the party construction, moral cultivation, disciplinary inspection and talents, foundation and management of the team, supervision and unified front, coordination,petition and stabilization, union, the Communist Youth League, and the Women's Federation, contact the People's Congress and CPPCC. And also he is put in charge of work department of the party construction, comprehensive service department, HR department, pre-settlement department, and justice department. And he takes the lead in work on Jing-Jin-Ji development;

Zhang Wumin undertakes works on capital management and economic performance. And he is put in charge of capital management department, economic performance department, and bidding and purchasing department. He grasps the listing work of enterprises, coordination, management and financial supervision of Anglo-Chinese School, and assists CPPCC and united front;

Li Pengcheng undertakes works on attract investment, technology, Enterprise Service Management and the daily work on the development of major projects working group of intelligent manufacturing industry in the Development Zone. And he is put in charge of enterprises management department, technology service department, secondary development department, investment department II, and Investment Service Center of free trade zone (Wuqing Park), and coordinates works on commodity inspection, custom and police station in development zone; 

Wu Jianfeng undertakes works on planning, the management, safety, environmental protection, and stability of engineering construction. And he is put in charge of planning and design department, engineering management department, urban management department, administrative service center, water supply companies, and green companies;

Lang Cong undertakes works on unified front and investment, and the daily work on the development of major projects working group of the bioengineering and pharmaceutical industry in the Development Zone. And he is put in charge of investment department I, investment department III, investment department IV, Pearl River Delta Office, Beijing Office, Germany Representative Office, Qiao Meng Yuan.


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