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About Leaders

leaders introduction

Zhang Shaofeng takes charge of all works about working committee,and management committee

Zhang Fuwang takes charge of works of the head office

Zhu Ruilin takes charge of relevant works of Yixian Park

Li Fuguo takes charge of all works about Jingjingao village technology Innovation Park

Zhang Shuyue takes charge of relevant works about party and cultivation construction,discipline inspecting and human resources,team construction,management,inspection and united front,related works about working committee,China Communist,Youth League and woman association,coordinated petitioning works,and also communicate with the National People's Congress,political coordination works.Moreover,He also takes charges of party construction department,integral service department,group department,human resource department,budget and settlement department and legal affair department.

Zhang Wumin takes charge of capital running and capital operation,he is also responsible for No.1 section of capital running,No.2 section of capital running,No.1 section of economy operation,No.2 section of economy operation,and bidding purchase department.He also takes post of enterprise’s going on market,relevant works about Anglo-Chinese School’s coordination,management and finance inspection,as well offers assistance for political affairs and united front.

Li Zhen takes responsibility of company affairs,and also takes charge of water supplies,heating power,and afforestation;

Zhang Naimin takes responsibility of international enterprise community construction management,the construction field safety,environment protection and stabilization,also takes charge of environment protection and city management.Besides,he is also appointed for construction management 2nd section,environment management section,management section;

Wu Guibao takes charge of technology,and he is also responsible for technology service.

Li Pengcheng takes charge of enterprises management,invest invitation,secondary development.He also takes responsibility for enterprise management section;invest invitation 2nd section,free trading section,secondary development section,As well coordinating about commodities inspection and customs,and also local police affairs in development zone.

Wu Jianfeng takes responsibility external planning of international enterprise community,construction management,the field safety,environment protection and stabilization,also takes charge of planning design section,construction management 1st section and administration service.

Lang Cong takes responsibility of invest invitation,also takes charge of invest invitation 1st section,invest invitation 4th section,health industry investment section,investment policy research and development secton,2nd section of Beijing branch office,representative office in German,Oversea Chinese community,and makes deployment on common development among Beijing,Tianjin and Hebei province;

Liu Qingshi takes responsibility of safety affairs and the safety section.

Yan Wenjie takes responsibility of property management,the staff and property management in international enterprise community and property management.Besides,he also takes charge of enterprise development promotion center,industrial property company,Property Company of development zone,Saide Property Company and Saide business conference center.

Feng Lijun takes responsibility of investment invitation,and takes charge of investment invitation 3rd section,investment invitation 6th section,investment invitation 7th section,1st section in Beijing branch office,and Pearl River Delta Region branch office.


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