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About Wuqing

Tianjin Wuqing District’s Fundamental State

 I. The general situation and economic social development of China Tianjin Wuqing Development Area

Wuqing was built in West Han dynasty, called as Quanzhou in ancient times, and also known as Yongyang. In June of 2000, the county was withdrawn and began to establish district. As well , it is always praised as “ The gallery of Beijing & Tianjin” and “ The Pearl of Beijing & Tianjin”. The regional area covers nearly 1574 square meters, has population of 1.18 million, and governs about 29 towns.

In 2016, the region’s total output value reaches 114.499 billion RMB, and grows at the rate of 11.5%; The regular public budgeting reaches 12.6 billion RMB, and grows at the rate of 13%, the percentage of taxation reaches 70.8%; The fixed assets investment reaches 128.144 billion RMB, and grows at the rate of 10.7%; The per person’s average disposable income of rural resident reaches 20.361 thousand RMB, and grows at a rate of 8.9%, the whole region’s comprehensive capacity has kept a leading position in Tianjin city.

In recent years, the region insists on the target of “ Building a satellite city of Beijing &Tianjin, New beautiful Wuqing”, also taking innovation development as power, taking coordinate development as direction, taking green development as fundamental key, driven by opening development, and taking share development as base, speed up building Beijing & Tianjin’s coordinate development hub and high level manufacturing research and modern service industry gathering area, as well leading demonstration area of national ecology civilization.

--- Profound historical culture. The grand canals crossing the whole region is listed as worldwide intangible culture heritage, besides, there are also diverse and colorful folk art such as calligraphy, drama, flower fair, and paper cutting, therefore, clusters of literati and masters are gradually emerging, including calligraphy master Liu Bingsen and Sun Boxiang, Clapper talks master Li Runjie, the famous actor of local opera Li Jinshun, master of Chinese culture Zhang Zhongxing,academician of academy of sciences Xie Jialin, master of “ Li’s Taiji” Li Ruidong and so on. Hence, it is selected as “ The town of Chinese calligraphy” and “ The town of Chinese folk art”by National Ministry of Culture.


The grand canals

---Unique regional traffic condition. Wuqing locates in core region of Beijing and Tianjin, and is taken as the critical point of Beijing & Tianjin’s development. The region is 71 kilometers away from Beijing’s urban district, 90 kilometers away from capital international airport, 45 kilometers away from capital second airport, 25 kilometers away from Tianjin’s urban district, 35 kilometers away from Tianjin Binhai International airport, and also 71 kilometers aways from Tianjin port. It is also the exclusive stop of Beijing & Tianjin intercity railway, there are nearly 23 units of trains stopping here per day,  and implements the target that“ Co-urbanization” within half hour between Beijing & Tianjin; Besides, there are 6 national key highways crossing the region including Jingjintang highway, Jingjin highway, Jinghu highway, Binbao highway, and Jinji highway, also 15 highway exit distributing over the region, it just takes 15 minutes to reach any highway exit within the region, the key regional traffic network of “Nine horizontal and nine vertical”lead in all directions, the whole regional traffic network density reaches 182.1 kilometers/ hundred of kilometers, and it has obvious advantage among county level regions over the state.

--- Ecological and livable environment. The water is quite clear, and the sky is fairly blue, as well the whole region’s forest coverage reaches 36.4%, in addition, there are various excellent ecological landscapes including 11 national I & II grade river channels and dozen thousands of Northern Tianjin Forest park, Dahuangbao wetland nature preserve, North canal wild park, South lake green expo park, Jinxi peach park and rose garden . In recent years, greatly implements the project of “Beautiful Wuqing.Project I”, continually carries out the task of “ Four clear one green”, makes efforts to accomplish river channel treatment of 127 kilometers including North canal and new dragon river., carries out special air treatment action including raising dust of construction site, straw burning and countryside bulk coal, increases forestation of 100 thousand acres per year, what’s more, it is selected as Third session China green expo ‘s venue,  National initial batch ecology civilization pioneer demonstration area and National greenery model city.


Dahuangbao wetland nature preserve

---Constantly emphasizes on opening strength. Currently, taking national Wuqing development area as leading champion, Wuqing has built four city level demonstration industrial park including Wuqing business park, Jingbin industrial park, Jingjin technology valley, E-commerce industrial park, and vehicle industrial park, besides, also builds opening pattern that taking Jingjin Gaocun technology innovation park and free trade zone Wuqing area as supports, and taking town’s industrial area as foundation. Over the whole region, there are totally 40 units of top 500 enterprises, and over than 150 units leading enterprises in this field. In 2016, the whole region has brought in investment of 62 billion RMB, introduced 5318 projects, among of which, there are 66 projects over than hundred million RMB, and also 2092 capital projects including Jingji national university innovation park, Beijing H&B United International Stem Cells Industry base, and Benz components, nearly hundred critical projects of 50 million RMB, Chasesun Kangrentang Chinese medicine manufacturing base with investment of 1 billion RMB, as well China Academy of Railway science traffic industry base of 2.2 billion RMB , all of the critical projects have been smoothly making progress. 

---Optimizing and Upgrading industry structure. The ratio among three industrial structure optimization is 3.9:53.9:42.2. , emphasizes on high level manufacturing industry, strive to realize industrial output values reaches 2452.6 over the year, the percentage of leading industries including pharmacy, equipment manufacture, electronic, new material and vehicle components reaches 75.7%. In addition, the series of modern industries are also growing to be more prosperous such as high level trade, e-commerce and leisure tourism, the social consumption retailing volumes reaches 44 billion RMB; There are 603 e-commerce leading enterprises and relevant projects, the annual turnover has been over than 200 billion RMB, e-commerce industrial park was awarded as national level e-commerce demonstration base; the whole year’s tourist receipt volume reaches 160 million people, and realizes tourism income of 8 billion yuan, and is awarded as national leisure farming and countryside tourism demonstration base. What’s more, urban farming development level constantly improves, the annual planting industry structure adjusting project implements over than 60 thousand acres, has accomplished construction on agriculture demonstration project such as The Spring of Northland Ecology Park, and Chinese Medicine Herb Garden, furthermore, the agricultural leading enterprises and cooperatives have reached nearly 2000. 

--- Innovation has made great achievement. Strengthen promote to construct Wuqing “1+3”branch park of Tianjin  national independent innovation demonstration. Also proceeds cooperation with over than 80 universities including Tongji University and Beijing University of Science and Engineering, successfully introduced nearly 92 technology transformation projects including intelligent vehicle control system of Tsing Hua University’, New powder material of National Taipei University of Technology, as well 7948 technical minor enterprises and 357 technical leading enterprises . In addition, The youth entrepreneur community of League Central Committee has finished construction, and also Pinge Maker Shop, Tianfuqianyan, and Yichuang Space are awarded as national level public creation space, there are nearly 900 active makers over the whole region, and researching projects are nearly over than 200 items. Deepen implementation on high level talents “ Intelligence gathering in Wuqing” and local talent cultivation project of “ Roc Talent Project”, and comprehensively promote to construct talent integration demonstration area in Tongzhou of Beijing, Wuqing of Tianjin, and Langfang of Hebei province, in recent two years, has attracted diverse talents over than 3100, among of which, the master degree talents and “ subtropical high”degree talents have been over than 780.

--- Rapidly changing urban and rural appearance. Wuqing has speed up the construction progress, the key area development is constantly promoted, groups of functional projects have been accomplished, such as culture central library, museum, cinema and sport center, besides, the comprehensive commercial zones are also under plan, including Dangguangming commercial zone, Subway commercial zone and poly commercial zone, as well the modern medium size city frame has been basically formed. The city level demonstration town construction has made a further progress, what’s more, Cuihuangkou town has been selected as construction pilot of national initial batch characteristic town. Meanwhile, the community construction management level also constantly improves, not only proceeds building a batch of new and beautiful communities, also rebuilding a batch of old communities.

--- People’s livelihood undertakings comprehensively makes progress. Plans to work out polices in 10 areas, carry out 20 items of well-being projects, and also 80% financial expense devoted to livelihood undertakings. The citizen service building plans to put into use. In recent two years, the new increased employment population reaches 69 thousand, the financing and securing standard for disadvantaged and difficult groups have been constantly enhanced, as well urban and rural basic pension and medical insurance have been furtherly completed. The compulsory education , high and middle school’s modern construction have been comprehensively qualified, Yangcun First Middle School, Yinghua International School, and Haileybury International School have obtained high reputation in areas of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. The district hospital and Chinese medical hospital have upgraded to be third level hospital, of which, the service system construction is also deeply promoted. In addition, also successfully holds public cultural festival, and is selected as pilot city of initial batch national culture consumption. National civilization region construction and Rural civilization construction demonstration area also keep steady progress, and the citizen’s civilization quality also constantly improve. Based on above all, completely realize to build “ Six consecutive wins”of national double support model city.


Wuqing Culture Park

II. The sport undertaking development of China Tianjin Wuqing Development Area

In recent years, Wuqing district sport facility gradually accomplish, the public sport also grows to be prosperous, competitive sports ‘s comprehensive abilities also constantly enhances, the sponsor ability of sports contest and sport service level are also remarkably enhanced, above all, the whole region’s sport undertaking has implemented healthy and sustainable development. 

The 13th National sports meeting plans to be held in Tianjin this year, Wuqing district is selected as the venues of four items of sporting games including Marathon of track and field, Pingpang game, Triathlon and marathon swimming, currently the preparation works for sports meeting are actively carried out. 

Wuqing district has continually sponsored Tianjin international Marathon in five years, constantly sponsored Traveling China international highway bicycle race, successively holds national water marathon champion race, China-Europe women volleyball match, international boxing matches race, Pingpang star weekend activity, Vehicle V-Rally field race, China vehicle field cross championships, HONG KONG-Beijing Rally 30 anniversary memory race. Currently, there are over than 50 large sport games of domestic and abroad held here.

In Wuqing district, there are 476 bodybuilding sites, 10 sports association,30 civilian-run non business units, 1346 social sports director, in this way, gradually forms a new development pattern of whole people’s fitness that “ Guided by government, coordinated by departments, organized by association, and participated by whole people.”In every year, plans to organize 30 mass participating sport activities involving family funny sports meeting, whole people fitness exhibition meeting, basketball match, Pingpang matches, badminton match, Tianjin sport dancing public contest, and also 20 mass participating sport races organzied by sport association and club, such as league football matches, basketball matches, badminton match, chess monthly tournaments.

Wuqing district successively appoints teams to join various championship contest including The National Junior Championships, Tianjin Middle & Primary Student Sports meeting, Tianjin 13th session sports meeting, Tianjin Youth Basketball championship contest , Tianjin Youth Pingpang Championship contest, Tianjin Youth Kickboxing Championship contest, and Tianjin Youth Judo Championship contest, the total score have kept top position among districts of Tianjin. During recent five years, totally exported over than 60 outstanding athletes, approved 6 first level athletes, and 180 second level athletes. 

The wild fitness park of 20.6 thousand square meters begins to put into use. The district invested nearly 100 million RMB to build 3 green roads for bicycles , totally covers about 60 kilometers. Besides, proceeds to build and rebuild over than 100 sets of fitness square , community’s fitness facilities, and fitness facilities over the whole region. The total fitness facility covers about 97%.


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